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A Tan For All Seasons is a chain of indoor tanning salons in the San Francisco Bay Area. A Tan For All Seasons (or TFAS) has locations in Menlo Park, Burlingame, and San Mateo. The San Mateo location actually used to be located in Foster City but then moved to San Mateo a year or two ago. I used to go to the Foster City Location and then the San Mateo location and the topic of today's article is my personal review of this tanning salon.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear

It's All About The Onyx

Woman With Golden Tan Skin
© – quavondo
A Tan For All Seasons has a variety of tanning choices. They offer traditional lay down beds, stand up beds, and also Mystic Tan. I'm personally a fan of the more expensive tanning beds because I know I'm getting the best quality product available. I'm sensitive about my skin and want to get a golden tan but also stay in great shape for many years to come. That's why my bed of choice at A Tan For All Seasons is "The Onyx." The Onyx is their high powered lay down bed. It does not compare to some of the cutting edge beds like the Matrix at Sole Di Paradiso but is still pretty good. It is standard style lay down tanning bed which also has some more intense bulbs above your face since that area is typically harder to tan. If you visit A Tan For All Seasons, I highly recommend going with the Onyx as your tanning bed of choice. The San Mateo location, has multiple Onyx beds available (5 of them I believe) and it is quite the popular bed. As you start using the Onyx, make sure to ask the employees for advice on how long you should tan. It's always better to start with less time to avoid a sun burn. Getting a healthy tan takes a few sessions, no need to rush.

Friendly Customer Service

A Tan For All Seasons has really great customer service and friendly employees. They have done a great job hiring and retaining friendly employees. They do not pressure you into spending money on things you do not need. This is a good thing because indoor tanning can be quite expensive if you are not careful.

Saving Money At A Tan For All Seasons

A Tan For All Seasons offers a variety of tanning plans. When I first started going there, I would pay for each tanning session individually. This was a mistake. You can save a ton of money by signing up for their plans. Here's how they work. You pay for each tanning session with points. If you pay more money up front to buy a larger package, you get more points for your money. Also, if you buy a membership (it lasts one year) you get a larger discount. If you are trying to save money tanning it always makes sense to get the TFAS membership. It pays for itself very quickly if you are a regular tanner.

The San Mateo Location

The San Mateo salon is reasonable but not great. When I started going to A Tan For All Seasons, I guess I had already been spoiled by Sole Di Paradiso, the best tanning salon in the Bay Area. There is nothing wrong with A Tan For All Seasons. The decor is fine and the facilities are clean. It's just not chic and designer like Sole's. Overall, I think the facility is good and a fun and appealing place to visit. It's just not the Ritz of tanning facilities. The one complaint I would have is that they do not have a restroom that customers can regularly use. If you have to use the restroom, you must go next door to the Round Table Pizza.

Update: I recently received an email from A Tan For All Seasons indicating that they do offer a restroom for customers. I guess when I went there (probably about 2 years ago now), the restroom was temporarily unavailable. Now, as of November, 2010, they offer a restroom for customers!

Conclusion - I Recommend A Tan For All Seasons

Life is hectic and busy. You want your indoor tanning experience to be quick and convenient. If you live in the Foster City or San Mateo area, I highly recommend A Tan For All Seasons. I have not found a better tanning salon in that area. TFAS is a convenient and good place to go. They have great customer service and some good tanning options, especially the Onyx.

A Tan For All Seasons San Mateo
1860 S Norfolk St
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 571-1777

A Tan For All Seasons Menlo Park
989 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 327-1777

A Tan For All Seasons Burlingame
1803 El Camino Real
Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 697-1555

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