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Welcome to Really Tan! This site is about all aspects of tanning including indoor tanning, outdoor tanning, tanning salons, sunless tanning, swimsuits, tanning lotions, and so much more. Tanning is very fun and essential to a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the best techniques for looking your absolute best and living a healthy lifestyle. Let's first start by discussing the top benefits of tanning.

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Golden Tan Skin Looks Good

Woman Tanning In Pool
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The first benefit of tanning is the easy one: Tan skin looks good. There's no denying it. Celebrities pay thousands of dollars every year to maintain their tan skin for one simple reason: Their careers depend on it. Pale skin at best looks plain and boring. At its worst, pale skin can make you look sickly, like you never get outside to see the light of day. Maintaining a golden tan is one of the easiest and best ways to drastically improve your appearance. There are a few important factors that go into looking your best: A trendy wardrobe, a fit body, great looking hair, white teeth, and a golden tan. All of these factors are important and I would like to argue that the tan is one of the most important. Get tan today and you will look great. Everyone will notice and it will change your life.

Tanning Is Healthy

This topic is not discussed as much but tanning is very healthy. Your body needs Vitamin D for a variety of purposes. According to this article about the health benefits of tanning, the author discusses the theory of Vitamin D playing an important role in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis. There are people out there arguing that tanning is risky and bad for your health. Don't listen to them. They are wrong. Yes, tanning can be bad for you if you do it way to frequently without already having a solid base. If you pace yourself and avoid getting a sun burn, your golden tan will be an important component of your overall health.

It's Good Relaxation

Whether it's outdoors or indoors, a good tanning session is always enjoyable and relaxing. These days, life is hectic. Whether you are in school or have a job, the day is filled with so much stress. Why not take some time for yourself and go tanning? You will be doing your overall body a favor by looking better and getting some much deserved relaxation. The relaxation can be further enhanced by listening to your favorite music, sipping an ice cold drink, and reading your favorite magazines while tanning outdoors.

Tan Skin Enhances Your Efforts In The Gym

Have you been working out hard? Wish your toned body was more noticeable? Get a tan! A great benefit of tan skin is it enhances the contours of your body. Your efforts in the gym will be much more noticeable. Tan men tend to look a lot more muscular. The lines and cuts between muscles are visually enhanced. Women tend to look a lot more toned. You've been going to the gym consistently, why not get a tan to make sure everyone notices your hard work?

It's Very Easy

These days, it's very easy to maintain a perfect tan year round. In the summer, you have the option to tan outdoors or save time by visiting your local tanning salon. If it's the summer, make sure to slow down and take the time for yourself to tan outdoors. You deserve to take the time off, at least for a few weekends. In the winter, your local tanning salon will become your tropical refuge from the cold weather and rain, a convenient and fun place to visit once or twice each week. Tanning is very popular. This means you will always be able to find a reputable, convenient, and great salon near you.


There are so many reasons to get tan. This article highlights just a few of the top ones. If you are new to tanning, make sure to browse the articles on this site and also other tanning websites. Then, get in the car and visit your local tanning salon!

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