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Get Really Tan With Cooltan Tan Through Swimsuits

Men's tan through swimwear from Cooltan Cooltan Tan Through Womens 2pc Swimwear The topic of today's article is a new and exciting innovation in tanning: Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear. Put simply, Cooltan is a new innovative swimsuit that acts like a low SPF sun tan lotion. It allows UV rays to get through the fabric so your entire body gets really tan. How great. You can now have even more fun tanning without worrying about tan lines at all. Let's face it, tanning outside is a blast. It's so much fun to spend a relaxing day in the sun. At the same time, most tanners find it necessary to complement their outdoor tanning routine with some indoor tanning to eliminate tan lines. Cooltan allows you to shift more of your tanning routine outdoors for maximum enjoyment. The rest of this article will take an in depth look at Cooltan swimsuits along with my personal review and experience buying this product.

Let's Start With The Benefits

Let's start with the top benefits of Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear.

  • No more tan lines. Having a really tan body free of tan lines is super sexy. There's no doubt about it.
  • Cooltan swimsuits look great. It's important to look stylish. Tanning is no exception. In fact, most people who tan tend to live the tanning lifestyle (myself included), a lifestyle where it's important to always look your best. Cooltan allows you to look cool and stylish whether you are tanning from the privacy of your own backyard or at Caesar's Palace in sunny Las Vegas.
  • Cooltan is affordable. The luxury of having a tan through swimsuit is no more expensive than buying a regular swimsuit. In fact, Cooltan is actually less expensive than other swimsuits. For example, Cooltan currently offers a sexy two piece women's string bikini with the Gold Cheetah pattern for only $56.90. The price is so reasonable that you can also add in a tan through cover up and still save.
  • They offer a wide variety of products and styles. No matter what type of swimsuit your are looking for, men's or women's, Cooltan has the suit for you. They also offer a great variety of cover ups and even tan through shirts. Imagine getting tan all the time with your stylish tan through Polo-style shirt.
  • Cooltan is great for indoor tanning too. Ever worry about the tanning bed not being perfectly clean? Worried about exposing sensitive areas to a potentially dirty bed? While I only suggest visiting tanning salons that are upscale and clean, it's not always possible in every neighborhood. Often times, you take what's available. Cooltan is a great way to give your skin a little protection from the tanning bed surface while allowing your whole body to still get tan.

Cooltan Swimsuit Styles

Couple Enjoying The Beach Together
© – Nikada
One of my favorite things about Cooltan is the variety in swimsuit styles. Women's swimsuits come in so many styles it's hard to list them all. It's almost like getting a custom tan through swimsuit just for you. Here are just a few of their styles for women: triangle top, halter top, string bikini bottoms, brazil bottoms, low rise bottoms, one piece, and more. Looking to match your bikini to a sexy cover up? Cooltan has you covered. They even have stylish shirts. Looking for men's swimwear? Look no further. They have Speedo-style briefs, racer suits, swim trunks, board shorts, and surf shorts. They also have some really neat shirts for men. Their prices are so reasonable, you may want to pick up a few swimsuits. Nothing is more fun than showing up at the beach with a different swimsuit each day.

Go For It

As you can tell, I'm really excited about this product. In fact, I'm really excited about tanning in general because there are so many benefits to tanning. I really enjoy trying the latest technologies in tanning whether it be a new tanning bed like The Matrix at Sole Di Paradiso or an innovative swimsuit like Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear. Whether you are a seasoned tanner or new to the sport, I recommend giving Cooltan a shot. It's fun to try new things and the price is right.

My Personal Experience With Cooltan

I will be visiting Las Vegas in a few weeks. I cannot wait. In preparation for my trip, I have purchased COOLTAN swimwear. Amazingly, my swimsuit arrived in less than a week. I have never experienced shipping so fast with online orders before, what a pleasant surprise. My Cooltan swimsuit arrived in perfect condition and arrived in a plastic shipping envelope with another plastic bag around the swimsuit. The swimsuit is really neat. The fabric is really lightweight and "cool." I'm not only looking forward to wearing it to avoid tan lines but also to stay nice, cool, and comfortable. Also, the swimsuit fits surprisingly well. Cooltan's sizing instructions and chart on their website are accurate.

My swimsuit arrived with an information card and that explains all about the material used in the swimsuit and how to care for it. Additionally, the shipment comes with an invoice and also another sheet of paper that discusses the swimsuit. The enclosed information contains some interesting information and facts including the following:

  • The swimsuit is made out of "Microsol" fabric. Microsol allows air through so you stay cool, assists in keeping you dry (water quickly evaporates), and of course allows the sun's rays through.
  • The fabric is really thin and comfortable but is not see-through. It remains this way even when wet, how neat.
  • Really interesting, Cooltan fabric eliminates some of the sun's burning (UVB) rays. It also filters some tanning rays (UVA) like a medium sunscreen, but filters more burning rays. This is what you want.
  • A good technique to even out existing tan lines is to wear sunscreen on the rest of your body except under your suit. This will allow your tan to even out over time.
  • While tanning, you'll want to move the straps on the swimsuit periodically.
  • The best time to tan is between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.
  • It's easy to machine wash your swimsuit after each wear in cool or warm water and allow it to drip dry.

Perhaps most exciting, I got a free gift certificate for $5 off my next order (if I make the purchase by the end of this month). I may go ahead and purchase a tan through shirt in addition to my swimsuit. Also, it's really neat to see that Cooltan stands behind their product and offers a 60 day return policy. Overall, I had a pleasant experience buying my swimsuit and can't wait to start wearing it. It also is nice to support a business that makes its products in the good old USA. Have fun tanning, the summer is almost here!

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