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Getting An Even Indoor Tan On Your Shoulders and Feet

On of the greatest challenges with indoor tanning is getting a nice even tan, especially on your shoulders and feet. Most tanning beds, both lay down and also stand up, do not allow a lot of movement. Since the tanning bulbs only hit your skin from one angle, the shoulders and feet become problematic areas. Tanning beds are great at getting the rest of your body nice and tan and the topic of today's are article is clever tips to also make sure you get an even tan on your shoulders, feet, and the rest of your body.

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Move Around In The Tanning Bed

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One way to help even out your tan is to move around within the tanning bed. Laying down in a tanning bed is a very relaxing experience and many people just zone out during the experience without moving at all. Instead of resting, make sure to stay focused. Shift your body weight around and move a bit. Make sure to move at angles that help expose your shoulders and feet to more UV rays. Space in tanning beds, both lay down and stand up, is confined and you don't want to go too crazy but definitely feel free to move around a bit. If you bend your knees upward, your feet will lay flat on the bed and get maximum UV exposure. If you do a mini crunch, you will get a nice ab workout and also expose your shoulders to more rays. Try flipping over too. You can try similar tricks to get more UV exposure in stand up beds as well.

Complement Your Indoor Tanning With Outdoor Tanning

The best way to even out your indoor tan is to tan outdoors. Actually, when I tan outdoors, I find that my shoulders get more UV rays than the rest of my body. It's a super way to even out my tan. When you are outside, it's so easy to sit upright or angle your chaise lounge so your shoulders get some extra sun. It's also so easy to bend your knees and place your feet in the direct sunlight. In general, an important part of your tanning lifecycle is to vary your exposure to indoor and outdoor tanning. Combining both is the ideal way to even our your tan.

Try A Leg Tanning Machine

While I have never tried it, my tanning salon offers a leg tanning machine. I have heard that this is a great way for people to get an extra tan on their legs, especially when your legs do not tan easily. The leg tanner also exposes your feet to a lot of UV rays and will help tan your feet. In general, the more variety you add to your tanning schedule, the more even and deep your overall tan will get. Why not combine your regular tanning bed with a leg tanning machine, outdoor tanning, and also perhaps a mystic tan? With all this variety, you will target all the hard to reach places and get and overall even and perfect tan.

Take It Easy

Tanning is a fun and relaxing experience. It's all about enjoying yourself and looking great. It's ok if your tan is not perfect. There is nobody with a perfectly even tan but you can definitely help the cause by following the tips in this article. As a closing tip, always make sure to use a quality tanning lotion. There are specific lotions for indoor tanning and others for outdoor tanning. Whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors, a quality lotion will help ensure an even and deep tan. Tanning lotions are key to becoming really tan.

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