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Hawaiian Tropic T2 Max Deep Tanning Salon Lotion

It's important to use a good tanning lotion when tanning indoors. Over the years, I have tried several different indoor tanning products. Sick and tired of spending a lot of money on expensive lotions, I tried something new today, Hawaiian Tropic T2 Max Indoor Tanning lotion. Similar to Hawaiian Tropic outdoor tanning lotion, I am very happy with this product and recommend it. Following is a review of my experience with this economical tanning lotion.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Tanning Lotions

Young Woman Sun Tanning At The Pool
© – efenzi
First, let's start with a brief introduction to tanning lotions and the difference between indoor and outdoor lotion. While indoor lotions absorb into your skin for a non-greasy experience, outdoor lotions normally leave your skin a bit greasy. Indoor lotions are actually non-greasy by requirement. Tanning beds are delicate and would be damaged by a greasy lotion. While you could buy indoor tanning lotion and use it both indoors and outdoors, I personally recommend buying two sets of lotions. Outdoor lotion is great, especially Hawaiian Tropic outdoor lotion, because it contains moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out. Indoor lotion does not contain moisturizer so I highly recommend applying moisturizer regularly after you shower if you are tanning indoors. My recommended strategy is to buy both indoor and outdoor lotion to maximize your overall tanning experience. I believe in tanning both indoors and outdoors to get really tan and complementing both of these activities with the appropriate lotion will only maximize your tan further.

Hawaiian Tropic Indoor Lotion Is Affordable

So now I've convinced you to go for it and buy both indoor and outdoor lotion. Tanning can be a very expensive hobby and it's important to try to save money tanning. Rule number one in your quest to save money: Avoid expensive lotions at your local tanning salon, especially the sample-sized packets. While recently at the tanning salon, my friend (a first timer) wanted to try out a lotion sample. The tanning salon was happy to sell us the sample for $8. This is a huge waste of money, especially when you can buy Hawaiian Tropic indoor tanning lotion for only $10 at your local Walgreens. One of the best benefits of Hawaiian Tropic's indoor lotion is its very low price. A full 8 fluid ounce bottle is almost the same price as a sample packet of lotion at my local salon. Also, your salon is likely to offer a variety of expensive lotions, most costing around $50 per bottle. I cannot lie. Many of these lotions are great and I have tried a few myself with Supre Smoke being one of my favorites. However, as somebody on a budget, I cannot justify spending a lot of money when I can get Hawaiian Tropic for only $10.

It Smells Good But Is Not Overpowering

Many tanning lotions have a strong scent. Some people like that and others do not. One of the big benefits of a strong scented tanning lotion is it makes you smell good when you leave the tanning salon. However, if you're tanning during your lunch break and don't want to smell too much at the office after lunch, you need to choose your lotions wisely. Hawaiian Tropic's T2 Max has a nice medium to subtle "Melon Flambe" scent. After my tanning experience, the smell was subtle which is ideal for someone looking to avoid a strong scent. Also, this is a great product for men who may not want a really strong scented lotion.

T2 Max Reduces Redness and Improves Your Tan

It's important to be careful at the tanning salon and always choose your time wisely. Rather than rush into a tanning session beyond your current level, it's ideal to work up to longer tanning sessions and take your time. If you don't, your skin will turn red and you may even get a sunburn. A great benefit of Hawaiian Tropic's lotion is it anecdotally reduces redness. It's not a sunscreen but in my personal experience it aids the tanning process and keeps you from getting red. Does this mean you should increase your time rapidly? Of course not! Stay on the conservative and smart path to getting really tan. Overall, I like this product and would recommend giving it a shot, especially if you are looking an affordable indoor tanning lotion.

A Few Things On The Bottle

To close, following are a few notes from the back of the bottle:

  • Enriched with Tyrosine and Riboflavin to help maximize your skin's natural tanning potential.
  • Contains No Mineral Oil
  • Non-Greasy
  • Antioxidant Vitamins A and E
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Good for Both High and Low Pressure Beds
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Melon Flambe Scent
  • Excellent For Outdoor Use

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