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Hawaiian Tropic Protective Tanning SPF 12 Review

As you may already know, I'm a big fan of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oils. I have already written glowing reviews of two of my favorite Hawaiian Tropic products, Hawaiian Tropic SPF 6 Outdoor Tanning Oil and Hawaiian Tropic T2 Max Indoor Tanning Lotion. Both of those products are great and I regularly use them. The topic of today's article is another great Hawaiian Tropic product, their SPF 12 Protective Tanning Dry Oil. As the name implies, you get the best of both worlds with this outdoor tanning oil, skin protection and a deep glowing tan. It's perfect when you're tanning outdoors for an extended period of time in intense sunlight and want a little more protection than the SPF 6 oil.

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When This Tanning Lotion Makes Sense

Man Sun Tanning At The Pool
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I recently returned from a fabulous week of resort pool tanning at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. I had a fabulous time and got really tan thanks to Hawaiian Tropic Protective Tanning Dry Oil with SPF 12. Why did I decided to use this tanning lotion? It's easy. I wanted to enhance my experience in the sun and get really tan with a quality tanning oil but also protect myself from a sunburn. Because of the "strong" SPF 12 sun protection factor, you can get really tan and also protect your skin. I also really like Hawaiian Tropic's SPF 6 tanning oil but didn't want to use it on this trip because I wanted to be able to stay at the pool all day rather than just an hour or two. (If I was planning on just tanning for an hour or two, I would have gone with the SPF 6 lotion for an accelerated tanning experience.) As a cautionary note, SPF 12 is really not that strong unless you have a solid base tan. I had a solid base tan going into my vacation and that's why I felt comfortable spending the entire day in the sun with an SPF 12 oil. If you do not have a base tan, remember to take it easy. The last thing you ever want is a sunburn. An ideal tan takes hard work and dedication, don't push it. If you don't have a deep base tan, you have two options. First, you could spend only an hour or two in the sun with Hawaiian Tropic SPF 12. Second, you could spend the entire day in the sun but would want to apply an SPF 30 or SPF 45 sunscreen until you build up a solid base tan.

Applying Hawaiian Tropic Protective Tan Oil

I really like this tanning oil because it comes in a continuous spray bottle, making the application very simple. It sprays nice and even with a fine mist. The best way to apply is to spray it all over your body before going outside. After you spray it on, remember to rub it in with your hands to make sure the tanning oil is evenly distributed on your body. I have two tips that will allow you to get the most out of Hawaiian Tropic's Protective Tanning Dry Oil. First, never spray it on your face directly. If you wish to apply on your face, first spray it on your hands and then rub onto your face. Personally, I like to use a higher SPF sunscreen on my face for added protection. Your face is sensitive, remember to take good care of it! My second tip is to always apply this tanning oil before putting on your swimsuit. Tanning oils (not only this one) can stain your swimsuit if they are accidentally sprayed directly on the fabric. The best way to avoid this is to apply and then put on your swimsuit. If you need to reapply at the pool, make sure to be careful around your swimsuit area.

Why Hawaiian Tropic?

I have three main reasons why I mainly use Hawaiian Tropic lotions for both my indoor and outdoor tanning needs. The first is price. If you're interested in saving money while tanning, Hawaiian Tropic is the way to go. I have seen many other brands cost as much as $40 to $50 per bottle. You can purchase Hawaiian Tropic Protective SPF 12 Tanning Oil for around $10 online or at your local drugstore. It's important to save money, you can spend the savings on a sexy designer swimsuit. The second reason I use Hawaiian Tropic is history. Hawaiian Tropic has been around forever and they make a great quality product. No doubt about it, they helped shape the sun tanning industry. The third reason I love Hawaiian Tropic is performance. I personally never get a sunburn when using their oils and always get a really deep tan. You can't beat savings, quality, and performance.

My Personal Experience With Hawaiian Tropic SPF 12 Protective Tanning Oil

To conclude, I must say I had a great personal experience with this tanning oil. I got exactly what I wanted in Las Vegas, a deep tan while avoiding a sunburn. I was out in the sun all day. Moreover, the sun is a lot more intense in Las Vegas than where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Overall, I couldn't have been happier with the performance of this product and highly recommend it to both new and seasoned tanners. I personally believe in always having the appropriate tanning oil for every occasion. For the price, you can afford to buy this tanning lotion in addition to the other two Hawaiian Tropic products I have reviewed. As a closing thought, please remember this is an outdoor tanning lotion. You are not able to use this with an indoor tanning bed because it will destroy the tanning bed. If you are tanning indoors, you will want to check out my review of Hawaiian Tropic's T2 Max Indoor Tanning Oil.

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