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Images and Information About Men's Swimsuits

We recently talked all about men's swimsuit styles. Building upon that article, the goal today is to show the various men's swimsuit styles via pictures and images. After all, it's easiest to make a decision on which swimsuit style is best for you by seeing actual pictures of swimsuits. After you have decided on your ideal swimsuit, we also recommend checking out our article on tanning tips for men.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Shirts

1. Pictures of Men's Board Shorts - A Very Popular Choice

Men's Board Shorts Swimsuit
© – jhorrocks
The man in the image on the right is wearing board shorts swimwear. These are perhaps the most popular style of men's swimwear right now. Board shorts typically come down a little past your knees and cover a lot of skin. Often times they will have a floral theme as seen in this image. Board shorts are great for swimming in the ocean, lounging around on the beach, and can even be worn around town during a summer weekend. In terms of getting really tan, you may wish to opt for a swimsuit that covers less skin.

Men's Short Board Shorts
© – laartist
While most board shorts come down a little past your knees, the second image to the right shows that some board shorts can come a little shorter. The benefit of getting board shorts that are a bit shorter is you expose more skin to the sun, improving your tanning experience at the beach or pool. However, you will ultimately want to purchase the swimsuit style which you enjoy the most. Swimwear is all about style and you want to make sure to wear the swimsuit that helps you show off your tan.

2. Image of Men's Swim Trunks - The Classic Swimsuit Style

Men's Swim Trunks  
© – phildate  
While most men opt for board shorts these days instead of classic swim trunks, there are some clear advantages for opting for swim trunks. Typically, swim trunks are made of a lighter weight material than board shorts, making them more breathable. As you can see in the image on the left, the man's green swim trunks are seen "bunching up" a bit as he comes out of the water. This is more typical of the lightweight material used in swim trunks. Lightweight material dries faster. Moreover, swim trunks are a good choice for tanning because they come up a bit higher than board shorts. You may also choose to push them up a bit when you're tanning, exposing more skin for a really deep full body tan. Swim trunks have been around forever and most men own at least one pair of swim trunks in their swimsuit wardrobe.

3. Image of Men's Boxer Brief Swimwear - New And Trendy

Men's Boxer Brief Swimsuit
© – Brainsil
To the right is an image of a newer swimsuit style, the men's boxer brief. This swimsuit is great for men who want to expose their toned muscles and skin for a great tanning and "showing off" experience. Boxer brief swimsuits are a trendy choice and may be found by many top designers. If you are going to an expensive hotel or a European vacation, you will definitely want to consider boxer brief swimwear for the modern European look. Another great benefit of boxer brief swimsuits is you are wearing less so you feel stay cooler and enjoy your time in the sun more.

4. Pictures of Men's Speedo-Style Swimwear - The Ultimate Tanning Swimsuit

Men's Racer Speedo Swimsuit  
© – technotr  
To the left is an image of a very muscular man in a racer style bikini swimsuit. Men's bikini swimsuits are the ultimate way to expose all your skin for tanning and showing off. If you have a great body and want to show off, why not wear a Speedo. To clarify, Speedo is the most popular brand of these men's bikini swimsuits. You may also want to check out other brands as well, but Speedo is definitely the first place to start. You may wish to check out our article on tanning tips for men to learn more of the advantages of men's bikini style swimsuits.

Men's Bikini Swimsuit
© – Tammy616
To the right is a picture of a man snorkeling in a bikini style swimsuit. The point here is that Speedos are not only for competitive swimming. Many men enjoy them for tanning on the beach or swimming in the pool or ocean. Also worth noting, not all men's bikinis are the same. There are a variety of styles including the classic 4 inch side, the 2 inch side, and even the 1 inch side. Each style exposes a bit more skin and you will want to purchase the swimsuit which fits the best and looks the best on your particular build.

5. Image of Men's Beach Lounge Pants - A Great Accessory

Men's Beach Pants  
© – Brainsil  
So you've decided to go with a Speedo or board shorts swimsuit. You will certainly need a "cover up" when going to and from the beach or pool. The perfect accessory in men's swimwear is a pair of white beach lounge pants, as pictured in the image on the left. The pants are very thin and breathable, keeping you cool. Moreover, they look super with or without a shirt.

Considering other accessories for your swimsuit? You may wish to consider an expensive pair of designer eyewear, a gold bracelet or necklace, a sleeveless t-shirt, or even a pair of expensive sandals. Putting together an overall outfit for the beach or pool is sure to bring attention your way. After all tanning is a competition. Enjoy it! Want to see images of women's swimsuits too so you can coordinate with your significant other? You may wish to check out our article on pictures of women's swimsuits. Ready to buy the perfect men's swimsuit? I highly shopping at your favorite swimwear stores online!

Note: Please do not reproduce the pictures and images on this site. They are all licensed specifically for use on our site via iStockPhoto.

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