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My Mystic Tan Experience
My Mystic Tan Experience

Mystic Tan is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to get a tan without UV exposure. While regular tanning in moderation is part of a healthy lifestyle, you can't be really tan year after year without giving your skin a little rest. I'm an advocate of the tanning lifecycle. This is a fancy way of saying you need to plan your tanning schedule and it's ok to get some good UV exposure in moderation but you must also give your body a rest from time to time. What if you want to continue to be really tan while giving your skin a rest? What if you have fair skin or a family history of skin issues but still want to look your best? This is where Mystic Tan comes in. It allows you to look tan while avoiding UV rays and is a really neat invention.

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How Mystic Tan Works

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When you first get to the tanning salon, they will have you watch a short video explaining the Mystic Tan process. It provides information to first timers and I recommend watching closely, seriously. Mystic Tanning is different than regular indoor tanning and requires a little more careful planning, both physically and mentally.

Preparing Physically and Mentally

In preparation for your Mystic Tan, you need to do four things: place booties on your feet that the salon provides, place "barrier cream" on your fingernails and between your fingers, remember to bring and wear a swimsuit (especially bottoms), and place a shower cap over your hair. The reason you place booties on your feet is to protect the bottom part from the spray and also cover your toenails. I personally recommend rolling the booties down as much as possible so the top part of your foot gets as much spray as possible. Next is the important part: Definitely remember to place barrier cream on your fingernails and between your fingers. Mystic Tan spray can discolor your fingernails and also look funny between your fingers. The barrier cream protects your hands from these side effects. A swim suit is highly recommended. I would not recommend the spray for your sensitive areas. Last, you most definitely do not want the spray in your hair so make sure to remember the shower cap that the salon provides. After you are done with these four things (in addition to wearing eyewear if desired), you are ready to go but still should do a little mental preparation. The spray can be quite a sensation and you will want to get in a relaxed and prepared state.

In The Mystic Booth and After

Now that you're prepared, you will enter the booth and press the button to begin. A voice will speak to you and provide instructions similar to what you watched earlier on the introductory video. When the spray first comes, it can be quite a shock. It was a little scary for me personally. Know that you are ok and the session will be over soon. The voice will tell you when to turn around for the second burst of spray. The whole time, it can be difficult to hold your breath and keep your eyes closed. Do your best. If you must open your eyes or take a breath, that's ok (although the taste of the spray is not inviting). When you are done, make sure to wipe off the barrier cream. Also, make sure not to shower for at least 5 hours so the tan can set in. Then, you're golden. You will have a great Mystic tan that lasts for a week or more!

The Pros of Mystic Tan

It's the perfect solution if you need a break from UV exposure or must stay out of the sun. A Mystic Tan is definitely better than no tan. Also, many tanners love to follow up a regular tanning session with Mystic Tan for an extra deep tan. This is perfect when you want to look your best for special occasions.

The Cons of Mystic Tan

The Mystic Tan is a great invention. At the same time, as with anything, there are cons.

  1. First, you need to wait several hours to take a shower after you are done. This is not too much fun when you feel dirty.
  2. Second, the experience was a little scary. Perhaps if I started going regularly, I would become a pro and it would be super easy.
  3. Third, the tan wears off after a week. The more your shower, the less tan you have. I like to take lots of long showers and baths. At the same time, even a regular tan will wear off if you take a lot of long baths.
  4. Last, laying down in the tanning bed is a very relaxing experience for me. I always enjoy kicking back in the warm bed. You miss out on this with your Mystic Tanning session.

Be Careful With The Bronzer

When I got my Mystic Tan, I also went with a friend. She has fair skin but decided to get the bronzer. Her tan ended up blotchy and uneven. Only get the bronzer if you have a strong base tan. Also, be careful with the levels. If you have fair skin, opt for one of the lower levels. If you do make a mistake, the good news is it will wear off after about a week and you can try again the next time. Good luck!

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