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Fun Tips For Tanning Outside

The topic of today's article is outdoor tanning. Outdoor tanning is a ton of fun and a very relaxing way to spend the day. Additionally, I have historically found that the deepness of my tan maxes out with indoor tanning. Tanning outdoors, however, is a great way to get a really deep tan that is not possible indoors. If you are interested in standing out from everyone else, tanning outdoors is the way to achieve the tan of your dreams.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Shirts

Get A Really Deep Tan

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One of the primary benefits of tanning outdoors is the leverage in achieving a really deep tan. At my local tanning salon, I use a high powered tanning bed called "The Onyx". It's a great machine and gives me a solid tan. The maximum time allowed is 12 minutes. While the bed gets me a great base tan, I still don't look rich and deep like the celebrities. What gets me to the next level? Outdoor tanning. While salons are great for achieving a base tan and also for maintaining your tan in the winter, it's essential to go outside if you want to get really tan. You can stay outside as long as you want while tanning beds shut off after a certain maximum time limit for your safety. It makes sense. The bulbs in the beds are very close and you want to be careful not to overexpose yourself in such a close distance to the bulbs. Outside, however, is a different story. The sun is very far away and you can stay outside safely for hours as long as you use the correct sun tan lotion and protection. After tanning outside a few times, you will see the amazing difference.

My Strategy For Protection and Maximizing My Tan

Tanning outside is a different game. You need to protect your skin. It's very easy to get burnt, damaging your skin permanently. My personal strategy is to always start off slow. I know it's tempting to go all out right away because you want to get tan so badly, but please hold some restraint and ease into your routine. After I have a solid base tan from the tanning salon, I will start tanning outside in the summer. I start off using sunscreen with SPF 15 and only stay out in the sun for a maximum of 1 to 2 hours. After a few times like this, I continue to use SPF 15 sunscreen but gradually stay out longer and longer until I hit a maximum of about 4 hours. At that point, I will switch to my favorite tanning lotion: Hawaiian Tropics SPF 6 spray on tanning oil. This oil is really great. It protects you from the sun and also maximizes your tan by drawing in the sun's rays, all while moisturizing your skin. It's really neat because it's only SPF 6 but actually does a great job of protecting you. I have never gotten a sunburn while using this product. Many tanners choose to wear stronger sun protection on their face than their body. This makes a lot of sense. Protect your face well but get a little more aggressive on the rest of your body. One last point on protection: Always remember proper eyewear. Wear dark sunglasses to protect your eyes. Your eyes are very sensitive and I actually know a tanner who damaged her eyes permanently while wearing insufficient sunglasses outdoors.

iPod, A Book, and Some Cold Beverages

When you're outside for several hours, you want to come prepared. Make sure to bring the essentials to maximize your day in the sun. I always enjoy listening to my favorite tunes while reading a book or magazine. In the hot sun, it's very easy to become dehydrated. Make sure to bring a few cold beverages. Another tip: Bring two towels. One is to put on your chaise lounge and the other is to fold like a pillow for behind your head and neck. Last, make sure to bring a watch. It's important to time your sessions to make sure you do not go overboard too quickly. What not to bring? Your cell phone. Tanning outdoors is about relaxation. Give the cell phone a break and take time for yourself. You will get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Outdoor Tanning Swimsuits

Cooltan Tan Through Womens 2pc Swimwear Your selection of swimsuits is likely to differ for outdoor tanning versus indoors. While tanning indoors, I usually go with as minimal coverage as possible while still protecting my sensitive areas from the high powered rays. The reason for this is to minimize tan lines so I have flexibility when choosing outdoor swimsuits. With no tan lines, I have a lot more flexibility in choosing a variety to styles of outdoor swimsuits. In terms of choosing an outdoor swimsuit, it's really up to you. Depending on where you are tanning (your private back yard) or a public pool at a resort, you will want to choose the right swimsuit for you. One new innovation in tanning is Cooltan tan-through swimwear. Cooltan swimsuits are great because they act like an SPF 6 sunscreen and allow you to get really tan without tan lines. They are the perfect option for outdoor tanning at the pool or beach and are available in a variety of styles for both men and women. Cooltan swimsuits are also affordable and I highly recommend giving them a try. Want to learn more about Cooltan? You may be interested in my Cooltan swimsuit review.

The Outdoor Tanning Vacation

I try to plan my vacations around tanning. You enjoy tanning. Why not pick your next destination based on getting a great tan? When you come home, you will be the envy of your friends. Some of the best locations for outdoor tanning are those that get really hot and are close to the sun. You can get closer to the sun by being closer to the equator or being at a high altitude. Some of the best locations to get an excellent outdoor tan are Hawaii, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Aspen just to name a few.

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