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Peepers Tanning Salon Eye Protection Review

When tanning indoors at your local tanning salon, it's important to wear proper eye protection. Tanning beds have very intense UV bulbs. These UV rays can greatly damage your eyes if you are not careful. Your eyes are one of your greatest assets and your skin too. Achieving a golden glowing tan while protecting your delicate eyes is the topic of today's article. There is not better way to do this than buying your very own Peepers UV Eye Protection tanning goggles.

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What Are Peepers?

Mother and Daughter Tanning
© – shironosov
Peepers is a brand of tanning goggles made by California Tan. The goggles are great because they protect your eyes with very minimal skin contact. You get the best eye protection while avoiding "raccoon eyes" characteristic of many indoor tanners. Peepers are sold at many tanning salons and also provided for free. My local tanning salon, A Tan For All Seasons, provides Peepers for free and also sells them for only $2.50 per pair, what a great value. I decided to buy my own pair of Peepers for a few reasons and suggest you do so also:

  • They Are Cheap - How can you afford not to buy your own Peepers? At only $2.50, you can't lose.
  • Better UV Protection - The instructions that come with Peepers clearly indicate that they need to fit firmly on your skin. They should allow absolutely no light in. Due to the shape of my face, light gets in unless I use the provided elastic string (rather than just rest them on my face). If you use the free ones at the tanning salon, they always come without the elastic string (at least at my tanning salon).
  • Block More Sunlight - I have used a variety of different colors of Peepers, ranging from red to blue to black. The black ones are the best because they block the most sunlight. Owning my own Peepers ensures I always get the black ones because I own them!
  • Avoid Sharing - I don't like sharing my eye protection with others. While I know my salon cleans the eyewear before you use them, I just don't like the idea of sharing my eye protection with other tanners. Buying my own pair means I have the peace of mind knowing that my sensitive eyes are safe from the unknown.

Alternatives To Peepers - Eye Protection For Indoor Tanning

There are a few alternatives to Peepers, none of which I recommend. The first is going without eye protection. This option is not allowed when tanning indoors. The golden rule of indoor tanning is that you must wear appropriate eye protection. Please, don't go this route. Your eyes are just too valuable. It's not worth it! The skin on your eyelids is very thin. Closing your eyes is not good enough to protect your eyes from the intense rays of the tanning bed. The second alternative to Peepers is wearing sunglasses. Like the first alternative, this is not allowed and highly discouraged. Sunglasses are not sufficient to protect your eyes from the very intense rays of a tanning bed. The third alternative are specially designed strips of paper that stick over your eyes. I have seen these sold one time in the past and discourage use of these. They do not cover your entire eye and will allow UV rays in. Remember, your eyes are one of your most important assets. Protect them wisely with Peepers and you will enjoy a really deep tan while protecting your vision.

Should I Use Peepers When Tanning Outdoors?

This one depends on where you decide to tan outdoors. If you are tanning in a private location like your backyard, I recommend using Peepers outdoors. They will give you maximum eye protection and also expose more of your face to the sun for a great tan on your face. If you will be tanning at a resort pool, leave the Peepers at home. You want to look good on your vacation. Peepers are practical but will not look sexy like a pair of Fendi or Gucci sunglasses. Part of the fun in going on a tanning vacation is showing off. Peepers will not allow you to do that.

Peepers Indoor Tanning Tips

To close out, I want to provide some final pieces of advice to maximize your tan while protecting your eyes. I recommend using the elastic string with your tanning goggles because it ensures no UV rays will seep in. The downside? You may get tan lines where the elastic string rests on your face. There is an easy solution: remember to move the elastic string periodically. Moving the elastic string on your tanning goggles is just like shifting your weight and moving on the tanning bed. It's essential to avoid tan lines and get an even and sexy tan. Want some extra protection for your eyes? I also close my eyes while wearing my Peepers. Closing your eyes is not enough to block UV rays from indoor tanning beds. However, doing so while wearing Peepers can only help. It's a great tip to preserve your eyesight while getting a sexy tan.

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