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Tanning Outside is a great way to get a golden tan. It has a lot of benefits above and beyond indoor tanning. Two of the greatest ones are you get to enjoy a leisurely day relaxing in the sun and also you can achieve a much deeper and darker tan than with a tanning bed. The topic of today's article are suggestions for fun places to tan outdoors.

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Tan At The Beach

Woman Tanning Outside
© – Ratstuben
If you live near the beach, definitely take advantage of it. I like tanning at the beach because the reflection of the sun off the ocean intensifies the sun's rays for a really deep tan. Another great benefit of the beach is it's generally a little bit cooler on warm days than other tanning locations. If you are feeling warm, you can take a dip in the ocean or stroll along the edge of the water.

The Pool

I also really enjoy tanning at the pool because I can take a dip if I am feeling hot. Also, if you position yourself well, the reflection of the sun on the water can help intensify your tan. Another great strategy is to take a dip from time to time to get your skin wet. Wet skin will help reflect the sun's rays and give you a better tan. Don't have a pool at your house or apartment? Perhaps you could visit a friend's house or apartment. Or, maybe you could tan at the community pool or a pool in a neighboring apartment complex. Another great option is to plan tanning vacations and always pick warm locations that have great pools.

Tanning At The Park

Do you have a park near your house? If you are not close to a pool or the beach, the local park is a great alternative. I like to pick parks that are quiet so I can tan without a lot going on around me (especially sports games). Great candidates for quiet parks are often parks at the local university campus. Pick a location that is a little off the beaten path and you will be able to enjoy a fun and relaxing day of tanning at the park.

Your Balcony, Deck, or Backyard

Do you have a deck or backyard that gets a lot of sun exposure? This can be a great place to tan because nobody is there to bother you. You can really enjoy a day of sun and relaxation. Even a balcony will do if it gets enough sun. The problem with most balconies is one side is blocked from the sun so you will need to shift around a lot for an even tan but it's definitely better than nothing. Enjoying the comfort of your own home is always relaxing.

A Closing Tip

A closing tip for tanning outdoors is to put a little lemon juice in your hair. This will help the sun's rays give you natural highlights. Getting highlights at the salon can cost you some serious money. Why not get highlights the natural way for free? It's really easy: Buy some lemons at the supermarket and also a spray bottle. Squeeze the lemons into a cup. Mix with water and then pour into the spray bottle. Then, you can spray your hair outside periodically to get those great looking natural highlights.

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