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So I just got back from The Bellagio in Las Vegas. What an amazing vacation, full of shopping and of course tanning. The pool at The Bellagio was full of some of the most sexy couples I have ever seen. One of the best places to tan outdoors is the pool at your hotel. The topic of today's article is all about getting really tan and having fun tanning at a vacation resort pool. Why not have a fun, relaxing vacation and get the golden tan of your dreams at the same time?

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Before You Go - Get A Base Tan Indoors

Cute Couple Tanning
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The first rule of going on vacation is to get a great base tan before you leave. The easiest way to get a base tan is to tan indoors at your local tanning salon. You should start out slow and observe the safety tips printed on the front of the tanning bed. Don't rush it! The last thing you want is to get a sunburn before your big vacation. Before my trip to The Bellagio, I personally went tanning indoors every week for about two months. I started out with just four minutes (I was at a low point in my tanning lifecycle). I incremented my time by one minute each week until I got to the maximum time of 10 minutes. Overall, I had a solid base tan in time for my vacation. The importance of a base tan? Tanning outdoors can be intense, especially if you spend the entire day out in the sun. A base tan will allow you to tan outdoors for longer periods of time. Moreover, it will allow you to begin your vacation with a nice sexy tan so you are one of the best looking people at the pool, always a lot of fun.

Sun Tanning Is A Competition - Come Prepared

So I wrote an article about showing off your tan. The article covers the importance of feeling good about yourself and bragging. You have invested in your appearance. Why not show off and enjoy it? Tanning at The Bellagio took my perspective on this to a whole new level. At a classy resort, assume everyone looks great. Want to fit in and feel comfortable? Make sure to come prepared with your sexiest swimsuits and cover-ups. Make sure to come prepared with the right attitude too. Sure, you're on vacation to relax and have a great time. To achieve this goal, it makes sense to know what you're getting into. Coming prepared to "compete" will ensure you look and feel your best. Following are a few things to consider when packing:

  • Sexy New Swimsuits - Make sure to bring multiple. Vacations are expensive, make sure to spend money on new swimsuits. A super option is Cooltan.
  • Sexy New Cover-ups - Make sure to alternate each day.
  • Expensive Pool Bag - Get a classy tanning pool bag to store your tanning lotion, magazines, cell phone, and iPod.
  • Expensive Sunglasses - Wear trendy glasses such as Fendi.
  • Sandals - Remember to bring your finest sandals.

Get To The Pool Early For Great Tanning

Want to get really tan? Get to the pool early. Everyone else will and if you get there late you will be left with a bad tanning location in the shade. If you get there early, you will be able to pick out your favorite spot in the warm sun. Want to get some attention? Make sure to select a location close to the walkway or entrance. It's always fun getting noticed at the pool. Also, you will get better poolside drink service if you are close to the action. I personally recommend getting to the pool no later than 10 am.

Tanning Lotion Is Key

I have a special vacation tanning strategy. I like to bring multiple tanning lotions and sunscreens. On the first day, I will apply the sunscreen with the strongest SPF factor (on my trip I started with SPF 45). The purpose of this is to guarantee I avoid a sunburn on the first day. The worst possible thing would be to get a burn and then have to stay indoors the rest of the trip. Remember, play it safe! You want to enjoy your entire trip. As the days progress, I will use lower and lower SPF factor. By the third or forth day, I like to get aggressive and use SPF 12 or lower tanning oil. A great one is Hawaiian Tropic.

Order A Drink & Get Lunch

The poolside cafe and bar are the tanner's best friend. While tanning, don't forget to take a break for some cold drinks and tasty food. You can either eat at your chair or at the restaurant if one is located at the pool. I try to take a break later in the day so I don't miss out on the direct sunshine around noon. My favorite time to take a break to eat is after 2 pm.

Remember Your Sweetheart - Sun Tanning Is For Couples

If you're on vacation with your significant other, don't forget them! Tanning is a great activity for couples. Both of you will look so sexy with your deep tans. Also, this will allow you to be strong competition at the pool. On vacation with friends? Bring them along. Most of all, remember to have fun. You have worked so hard to pay for your vacation and enjoy yourself. Make sure to take full advantage of it. Relax and pamper yourself. Tanning is all about having fun and looking your absolute best. I am already looking forward to my next tanning vacation.

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