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Ways To Save Money At The Tanning Salon

Visiting the tanning salon is great. You get to keep your glowing tan year round all while saving your precious time. However, it's absolutely undeniable: Indoor tanning is expensive. The topic of today's article is saving money without compromising your tanning salon routine. It's possible to have the best of both worlds: Visit your favorite tanning salon regularly and also save your hard earned money.

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Join Your Salon's Points Program

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I have been to quite a few different tanning salons. All of them have a "points" program where you can get large discounts by paying in advance instead of paying each time you visit. Here's how it works. Let's say a tanning session on a high powered tanning bed costs 5 points. If you pay for just 5 points, it may cost you as much as $25 (or $5 each point). However, if you buy a package, you may be able to get 40 points for $100. Dividing $100 by $40 you get $2.5 per point. That means the same tanning session now only costs $12.50, a 50 percent discount. The savings are even greater the more points you get.

The Tanning Salon VIP Program

In addition to points, many salons have VIP programs that give you a further discount. If you expect to be going back regularly, you should join the program. The VIP program at my local tanning salon has two benefits. First, I am able to get a discount on any products I buy at the salon. Second, and most importantly, I get further savings when I renew my tanning package and purchase more points. I'm not good at mental math. When you're ready to buy points and packages, make sure to have the people that work there explain it to you. Have them show you how much you'll save. If you need to, borrow their calculator. Remember, this is your hard earned money!

Buy Tan Lotion In Bulk

Tanning lotion can be very expensive, especially if purchased at your local tanning salon. I was just at the salon yesterday and the person in line in front of my spent $4.50 on a small packet of lotion that is only enough for one session. This is crazy. Tanning salons know that they are the only game in town if you need lotion at the last minute and I would discourage you from buying too much lotion and products from them unless you absolutely need them. The exception: Most definitely use a few off the smaller samples of lotion until you find one you like. Before you buy your lotion in bulk, test different varieties to find the one that works best for you. Then, save some money and buy a large bottle of your favorite tanning lotion online. One online store that sells a variety of lotions at good prices is Swedish Beauty Tanning.

Become Friends With The Employees

This is perhaps my best piece of advice. Become friends with the employees at your tanning salon. Have you ever known someone in life who got a job they do not deserve just because they have connections? I do. It happens every day. Connections and relationships are everything. Become friends with those that work at the salon and you can get some serious discounts and even free sessions. I knew of somebody who actually had "tanning salon parties" where she would invite all of her closest friends for free tanning sessions after the salon had closed for the day.

Get A Job At The Tanning Salon

A great way to save money tanning is to apply for a job at the tanning salon, either part time or full time. Many tanning salons love to employ people part time because this has better tax implications on the owner (they don't have to pay for benefits). This is a great situation because you can earn a little extra money beyond your regular full time job and also tan for free. Also, it's a fun job. You get to work somewhere that you truly love, the oasis of the tanning salon. As am employee, you may also be able to get discounts on lotions and other products. For more jobs where you can get really tan, check out our article on the best tan jobs.

Tan Outdoors When You Can

In the summer, definitely tan outdoors when possible. Tanning outside has a lot of benefits. Some of the main ones: It's free, it's really relaxing, and you get a deeper tan then when tanning indoors. Yes, it takes more time to tan outside but you owe it to yourself. Life is hectic enough, take some time off for yourself. In the summer, I like to tan almost exclusively outdoors unless I don't have enough time and the I take a trip to the salon. Taking these tips into account, you will get really tan while saving your hard earned money.

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