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Overview of Men's Swimwear & Getting Tan

There are so many swimsuits available for men today, some of which we discuss in our men's tanning tips. The topic of today's article is an in depth discussion of sexy men's swimwear, spanning from the classic board shorts to the men's bikini swimsuit. In your quest to get really tan, you will want to carefully evaluate your swimwear and choose swimsuits which help you show off your tan while maximizing your tanning session. Another great idea: add some variety to your life and round out your swimwear wardrobe with multiple different styles and types of men's swimsuits.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Shirts

Men's Boardshorts Swimwear

Man At The Beach With Boxer Brief Swimsuit
© – Brainsil
Perhaps the most popular men's swimsuit are the classic "boardshorts". Boardshorts are surf style swimwear that often contain a floral pattern and go from your waist to knees. These are a staple in every man's wardrobe. They are great for a game of beach volleyball, surfing or swimming in the ocean, or enjoying a nice lunch at the poolside grill. However, if you're looking to get really tan, I would argue that boardshorts should not be your top choice. They cover a lot of skin which limits your tanning session in two ways: your upper legs will not get tan (obviously) and also they will keep the heat in which can make tanning less comfortable and enjoyable. The conclusion: You need to own boardshorts because they are great but they are probably not the best choice for sun tanning.

Classic Men's Swim Trunks

Another staple in men's swimwear is the classic swim trunk. These are very similar to boardshorts but are often lighter weight (which is good for reducing heat) and they don't go down as far. While boardshorts go to your knees, swim trunks will end a few inches higher. These are an excellent choice for a jog along the beach, a game of beach volleyball, or a swim in the pool, but again probably not the best choice for tanning. They cover less skin than boardshorts and are also cooler which is great, but you can do even better, read on!

Boxer Brief Swimsuits Are Great

Recently, men's boxer brief swimsuits have gotten very popular. These are exactly like men's boxer brief underwear but are made out of a different material and style so they look and function like a swimsuit. In the picture above, the man is running in boxer brief swimwear. I really like this style for tanning because it exposes more skin (remember you want your full body to get tan), looks really sexy, and shows off your body. You have worked hard to look tan and fit, why not show it off?

Men's Speedo Style Bikini Swimsuits Are Even Better

Looking to get a really great tan? Speedo style swimsuits are great because they expose even more skin. These are very popular in Europe and are great for confident men who are looking to maximize their tan. There is no reason to be self conscious at all! You have worked hard to look great and you deserve to get the best possible tan. I would argue that the men's bikini style swimsuit is the best possible swimsuit for outdoor tanning because it's the perfect amount of exposure but not too much. When looking for a bikini swimsuit, there are actually many varieties. The main differences in styles are twofold: the back and the sides. Let's start with the back. The two most popular styles are "full coverage" and "Rio". Full coverage backs cover your entire backside while Rio style backs cover less skin. Which one to choose? It's all about looking your best while getting really tan and you will want to choose the one that you like the most. In terms of sides, men's bikinis are usually available with 3-4 inch or 1 inch sides. The 3-4 inch variety covers more skin while the 1 inch sides are more high cut. Again, a matter of personal preference in which one you enjoy the most.

What About Men's Thong Swimwear?

In recent years, thong swimsuits have become more popular for both men and women and you will find many sun tanners wearing them, especially in Europe. My personal opinion is that thong swimsuits look sexy on both men and women. It all depends on the person in question and if you feel comfortable wearing a thong swimsuit, go for it! The majority of men will feel more comfortable tanning in a Speedo style bikini, my top recommendation, however thongs make sense if you want to expose even more skin. Looking for a sexy thong swimsuit? Check out Skinzwear, the best place to buy sexy swimsuits. They offer a lot of varieties for both women and men and are a great place to buy swimsuits. In years to come, it's likely that even more men and women will enjoy tanning in thong swimsuits.

Men's Tan Through Swimwear

As you can see, there are many different styles in men's swimwear. All men's wardrobes should contain multiple swimsuits. Variety is key in showing off your tan and looking your best at the pool and beach. Why not buy a few bikini style swimsuits for tanning and a few pairs of boardshorts for hanging out at the beach? Regardless of which styles of swimsuits you choose, I also highly recommend checking out Cooltan Tan Thru Swimwear. Cooltan offers all styles of swimsuits for men and women in cutting edge tan through fabric. You stay really cool while avoiding tan lines, an amazing invention.

Now that you know all about men's swimsuit styles, you will definitely want to check our our next article that shows pictures of men's swimsuit styles. Once you're ready to buy the perfect men's swimsuit, I recommend shopping at your favorite swimwear stores online!

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