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Why get really tan? The number one reason is for yourself. Get tan to improve your health, lifestyle, and happiness. Part of being happy, in my opinion, is showing off to others. You don't want to make others feel bad (well, maybe you do in some cases), but you want to look great and get a boost in your ego by knowing that others have taken notice. The topic of today's article are ways to show off your tan. It's time to brag. It's time to get really tan and noticed.

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The Tanning Lifecycle

Tanning In A Tropical Paradise
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I'm a big believer in the tanning lifecycle. The tanning lifecycle is all about cycling your tanning sessions and mixing up your exposure to indoor tanning and outdoor tanning. It's also about knowing when to take a break from tanning and then going all out and getting really tan. Even better, the tanning lifecycle will help you get noticed. If you're tan all the time, it becomes normal and common. People will stop noticing your tan. They might even think it's just your normal skin tone. However, if you cycle your tanning a bit, you will get super noticed. After taking some time off, go all out and get really tan. You will start getting all sorts of compliments and questions about your "new" tan.

Maximum Tanning Contrast

Building upon the tanning lifecycle theory, what are some ways to get as much contrast as possible? By contrast, I mean the maximum difference between your pre-tan skin and your post-tan skin. The best way to achieve contrast is to go all out when you do get tan. Going all out does not mean you want to go overboard and get burnt. Rather, it's about being smart but pushing for the deepest tan possible. You can do this by visiting the tanning salon more frequently and also getting a Mystic Tan on top of your regular tanning bed tan. Also, it's about using high quality tanning lotions to deepen your tan. If you are tanning outdoors, Hawaiian Tropic outdoor lotion is excellent and highly recommended. Another great tip: Buy a lot of white clothes, especially for the summer. White clothes will make your tan really stand out. White clothes are the tanner's best friend.

The Tanning Vacation Effect

Getting your tan noticed often revolves around vacations. When you go on a vacation to Hawaii, Florida, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, or somewhere else that gets a lot of sun, people expect you to come home tanned. Since people expect you to come back with a tan, this is an easy time to really get noticed. My personal strategy: take some extra time off work right before your vacation. Build up a great base tan by going to the tanning salon each day. Then, take it to the next level on your vacation by tanning outdoors each and every day. That's what you're supposed to be doing on your vacation. It's all about soaking in the sun's rays, relaxing, and living the life of a celebrity. Make sure not to get burnt. A sun burn will actually really slow you down. When you have a burn, you need to stay inside for it to heal. That will keep you from getting really tan. Also, make sure to use a high quality moisturizer because all this tanning will dry out your skin. Last, go for a Mystic Tan the day you get back from your vacation to take it to the next level. When you return to work, you will look like a new person and get a ton of attention!

Don't Forget To Brag

If your office is anything like mine, everyone is bragging. It gets annoying after a while. You are tanning for yourself. At the same time, don't forget to brag when you get back from a vacation or a day at the beach. When people ask what you did the last weekend, tell them. If they don't ask, offer the information. Bragging can be a lot of fun especially since everyone else is doing it. Have fun and remember to show off your tan.

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