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My Experience At Sole Di Paradiso Tanning Salon

I have been tanning indoors for years. The topic of today's article is a review of Sole Di Paradiso tanning salon, one of the top tanning salons in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sole Di Paradiso has three locations in the cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose. I used to frequent the Palo Alto location a lot when I used to live in the area. It is the best tanning salon I have ever visited. I unfortunately no longer live in the area and would definitely still be going to Sole's if I did.

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The Most Upscale Tanning Salon

Woman In High Powered Tanning Bed
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Sole Di Paradiso takes things seriously. They keep a very clean, upscale, and trendy salon. The tanning lifestyle is all about living like a celebrity while looking your best. Sole's makes it easy to do this. Their Palo Alto location has a trendy waiting area with modern furniture, glass tables, and magazines. The whole place has a nice looking wood floor and an upscale decor. The salon itself is situated in the Town and Country Village shopping center in the heart of Palo Alto, an upscale shopping center. Overall, I have not found more upscale tanning salon. This place is more than just tanning. It's a lifestyle. The benefit to this is you get a great tan while also enjoying the whole experience start to finish.

They Offer The Latest In Tanning Technologies

Sole's pushes the limits in terms of having the most advanced tanning beds. Out of all the tanning salons I have been to, Sole Di Paradiso has the most up to date and technologically advanced tanning beds. At their Palo Alto location, they have two really great beds, "The Matrix" and "The S-Class." The Matrix is actually my favorite tanning bed of all time. It's a very unique experience because the tanning bed looks neat, has a ton of space so you can comfortably move around, and does not ever burn your skin. It uses special tanning bulbs that are really small and move around slightly so you get a very even tan, all without any redness on your skin. All other beds I have used always cause at least a little redness. The S-Class is also a great high powered tanning bed. While it's not as good as The Matrix, it's a great runner up if the Matrix is in use. As a side note, always feel free to call them for an appointment. Then, you will not have to wait to use the popular Matrix bed.

Sole Di Paradiso Pays Attention To Details

Many tanning salons offer either no restroom or a poor restroom. This is not the case with Sole's. Sole offers a very clean and upscale restroom. It's so nice to have this in case you get a Mystic Tan. After the Mystic Tan, you will want to wash the barrier cream off your hands and toes. It's a horrible experience to have no restroom available to do so. It's an absolute pleasure to have access to Sole's great restroom. Another bonus: They offer a free soda machine to their customers. It's a nice detail to have a refreshing soda after tanning. At the same time, I suggest sticking to water so you can keep a toned looking body to better show off your deep tan. Sole's attention to detail makes a big impact on the overall experience of the customer.

Tanning Sessions Are Affordable

While I don't remember the pricing exactly it is in the same ballpark that I pay now at a tanning salon that simply does not compare to Sole. As with most tanning salons, Sole Di Paradiso offers a "points" program (the points are called "soles"). If you will be going back regularly, definitely take advantage of the program, one of the best ways to save money at the tanning salon. If you like tanning a lot, they also offer an unlimited plan where you can go as much as you would like. Overall, I was happy with the pricing at Sole. They have a variety of different beds to fit different budgets. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Go for it and splurge on The Matrix, you will love it.

Conclusion and My Personal Opinion

Sole Di Paradiso is the best tanning salon I have ever been to. The salon is upscale, the beds are cutting edge, the pricing is equivalent to other salons, and the experience is unparalleled. This is not a paid review, this is my true opinion of the salon. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend checking out one of their three locations. You can check out more information on their locations and hours of operation here.

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