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Every year it seems like we go through this crunch in the spring to lose those extra five or ten pounds we gained every winter so that we can look great in a swimsuit over the summer. Too often we penalize ourselves by settling on a swimsuit versus finding the suit that we love. With the variety of swimsuit styles that are available there's no reason to settle for anything, instead, be bold, be daring and check out the great styles that are available to us regardless of our body type or size!

Swimsuits For All Plus Size Swimwear

Women's Swimsuit Styles

Woman In One Piece Swimsuit
© – DanielBendjy
The first thing you're going to want to keep in mind is that the more confident you feel in your swimsuit the more your confidence will build and the sexier you're going to look and feel. It's much better to have a suit that fits perfectly than settle for one that's a little snug or a little looser than you want it simply because you didn't take the time to try it on because you were feeling a little self conscious. The entire theme of our summers is based on fun, water and sun and with the right swimsuit you can feel your absolute best and shake off those wintertime blues!

The Bikini - It used to be that unless you had rock hard abs you wouldn't find yourself in a bikini. This simply isn't true anymore! Bikinis come in all sizes, shapes, colors and styles and no matter what your body size or type you can find the one that makes you feel like a million dollars.

Bottoms - Bikini bottoms come in a range of styles from thongs to "boy's cut" shorts. If you're like a lot of us you'll wear a different sized top and bottom and your best bet is to most likely find a top and bottom that match but allow you to customize the top and bottom to your liking! Don't be shy about showing off your great legs this summer - whether you chose the revealing g-string bikini or the boys cut bottom you're going to make a hot weather hit in your bikini. From the skimpiest models to the more modest short style - you'll find the perfect bottom for your shape!

Tops - Isn't it wonderful that there's a range of styles for those of us with a modest bust to those of us who are well endowed! Your top should be the most comfortable for you and make you feel like a million dollars! Whether you prefer the more modest bandeau top or the micro-kini you're going to have a variety of options to choose from including with padding or without padding, with wires or without wires, with built in bras or without them - the choices are endless!

The One Piece Bathing Suit - Many of us are still a little more self-conscious about how we look and prefer the one piece look. This doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with them. There are hundreds of options in one piece suits from racer-back styles to those that have that bikini look with a little extra coverage wherever we want it or feel we need it.

Be adventurous when you are shopping for a swimsuit and find the style that makes you feel like a million dollars regardless of what style you end up choosing. Visiting a resort this summer? Read on about this summer's hottest swimwear designers, sure to make you look great when you are tanning at the resort pool. Also, you may wish to check out our latest article with pictures of women's swimsuit styles to assist in determining which swimsuit styles make the most sense for your personal wardrobe.

Top Women's Swimwear Designers

Ed Hardy - These are great looking suits in a variety of styles, colors and sizes that are guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars! Whether you're looking for that perfect bikini that highlights your rock hard abs or that special one piece that covers where you want it to cover Ed Hardy offers a variety of sexy swimwear designed perfectly to fit your needs. Don't be shy about trying on a number of suits until you finding the one that's just right for you - remembering the better you feel about your choice the more likely you are to glow when you wear it. It's all in your attitude.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear - Offers the latest rage in tan-through swimwear! Just think - being able to get an all over tan without the hassle, expense or time needed to go to a tanning salon! From great looking one piece suits to exquisitely decorated two piece suits your Cooltan suit is guaranteed to turn heads and to make you feel like a million dollars whether you're on the beach or in your backyard swimming pool. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to tan everywhere without worrying about your modesty. These suits are not see-through - they're "sun through"! Want to learn more? You may wish to check out our review of Cooltan swimwear. Is Now the Number One Site For Plus Size Swimwear - Who says that you have to wear a size 3 to get a great fitting bathing suit? Long gone are the days when those of us who wore a size twelve had to settle for dull, boring similar style suits. Today, we have thousands of options available to us that make us feel feminine, attractive and sexy on the beach! At Swimsuits for All you can buy wonderfully sexy swimsuits for sizes from 8 up from great designers such as Liz Claiborne®, Longitude®, Christina®, Roxanne®, Penbrooke®, Jantzen® and Carol Wior®. Like you and I these designers firmly believe that all of us should have sexy swimsuits regardless of our age, our body type or our size.

Buy Your New Swimsuit Today!

Bathing suits are a required garment for the summer time! Don't miss out just because you feel awkward about buying one. Find a suit that screams sex appeal and get out there with your family and friends and enjoy the summer! There's no need for you to miss out on fun days at the beach, at the pool or just hanging out in your back yard to enjoy the sun because you're not happy with your swimsuit! You deserve to look great and finding the right bathing suit is the ticket to a fun and adventurous summer filled with outdoor tanning!

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