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All About Tan Lines and Tanning

Tan lines are a very common on people who like to tan both indoors and outdoors. As you get more tan, tan lines tend to become more visible. I'm excited in today's article to discuss both the pros and also the cons of having visible tan lines. In my opinion, there's no one right answer, it's more a question of personal preference. After reading today's article, I'm hoping you'll be able to decide which is better for you: tan lines or no tan lines!

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear

Tan Lines Are Often Visible

Tan Lines
© – StickworldStudio
The first con of tan lines is that they're often noticeably visible, even when you're wearing normal clothes. As a great example, take a look at the image on the right. The lady is in a normal "gym" outfit and you can clearly see her tan lines. I personally think this looks just fine because tan lines make her look healthy and athletic. However, let's now consider that she's going out to a formal dinner in a dress. The tan lines in that situation could be interpreted as a bit tacky. This is perhaps the largest complaint that people have against tan lines.

Tan Lines Could Limit Your Swimsuit Selection

Another large complaint against tan lines is that they can limit your ability to wear multiple different swimsuit styles. As you can see from our pictures of women's swimsuits and also pictures of men's swimsuits, there is quite a different between the different styles in terms of coverage. Whereas the micro string bikini or micro thong bikini offers very little coverage, your standard classic bikini offers a bit more coverage. Similarly for men, the Speedo style swimsuit offers quite a bit less coverage than your standard swim trunks. Let's say you're like me and enjoy variety in your swimsuit wardrobe. You enjoy wearing a different swimsuit each time. This can become a bit problematic in that your tan lines will really stand out when you're wearing your least coverage swimsuits. A workaround: Get a really deep and solid tan in your most minimal coverage swimsuit before wearing swimsuits with more coverage. Moreover, make sure to rotate back and forth to keep the deep tan you have in your most minimal coverage suit. While it takes a bit more work, you can avoid having your tan lines show if you follow these simple tips. Another workaround: Purchase a tan through swimsuit form Cooltan. That way, you will avoid tan lines even when you're wearing your swimsuit.

Tan Lines Are Not Sexy, Wait They Are!

Now that we've discussed two of the big cons of having tan lines, let's look at one that's a bit more even sided. This one is really more of a matter of personal preference. Many people see a full body tan as extremely sexy. Just think about it: The lack of tan lines implies absolute perfection. Moreover, it means that you enjoy tanning nude which is also very sexy. On the flip side, tan lines can also be very sexy, especially when your tan lines are from a skimpy swimsuit. The tan lines clearly show that you have a sexy tan and really show the extent of your tan based on the contrast between your non-tanned skin. If your swimsuit is micro, the tan lines can be really sexy. At the end of the day, it's up to you: Which do you find more appealing?

Use Your Tan Lines To Measure Your Tanning Progress

So here's the first clear pro of tan lines: They are perfect for measuring the success of your tanning program. Tanning is like a sport. Getting a solid, glowing tan takes time, effort, determination, and endurance as well. I personally thoroughly enjoy challenging my limits and trying to get the deepest tan ever. This is much easier to measure when I have tan lines. I can clearly see myself in the mirror and understand my progress.

Tan Lines Can Protect Your Sensitive Areas

As another important pro of tan lines, they can really protect your sensitive areas. Want to avoid freckles and skin damage to your most sensitive areas? Wear a swimsuit whether you're tanning indoors or outdoors. You will always rest assured that you'll get really tan where it counts while protecting your body in its most sensitive areas. Decide to go nude or with a tan through swimsuit? Make sure to use extra sunscreen in these areas.

I Hope This Helps - It's Really Up To You

As I said at the beginning, tan lines are very much a personal decision and a matter of personal preference. As a closing though, why not try both? You could always try tan lines one season but not the next. Have fun tanning!

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