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Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Tips For Men

In an effort to look more athletic, get more attention, and enjoy the numerous benefits of tanning, more and more men are tanning both indoors and outdoors. While all of the tips on this website apply to both men and women, there are also specific strategies to help men achieve the perfect tan. The topic of today's article are tips specific to men interested in getting really tan.

Try A Speedo

Man Tanning In Speedo
© – LesByerley
Most men enjoy wearing swim trunks. They are versatile and perfect for a stroll along the beach, a game of beach volleyball, or a swim in the pool. If your intent is to get tan, however, a Speedo makes a lot more sense. Swim trunks cover a lot of skin. This is counterintuitive to the goal of tanning and also keeps a lot of heat in. If you are in the hot sun, a Speedo is a super way to stay cool and expose more skin to the sun. A store where men can purchase Speedo brand and Speedo style swimsuits is Undergear. More and more men are wearing Speedo style swimsuits these days and there is no reason to feel self conscious. Want to learn more? Check out our articles about sexy men's swimwear and images of men's swimsuit styles.

Tan Through Swimwear For Men

Men's tan through swimwear from Cooltan Not quite ready to wear a Speedo but interested in tanning as much skin as possible? Modern technology and our friends at Cooltan have created the perfect solution. Cooltan swimsuits are made of a special fabric that functions just like SPF 6 sunscreen. This means you can feel comfortable and relaxed in a pair of swim trunks while getting the benefits of a Speedo. Interested in the ultimate tan? Cooltan also offers a Speedo style swimsuit for men. Cooltan is a great option for men who want to look stylish and also avoid tan lines. In addition to swimsuits, they also sell some neat shirts that offer the same benefits as their swimsuits. Do you spend a lot of time outside? Do you play sports? Consider a Cooltan shirt to maximize your time and get really tan. Interested in more information? Check out my review of Cooltan swimwear.

Shave Your Body To Get More Sun

Whether tanning indoors or outdoors, body shaving and grooming is a great way for men to optimize their tans. Body hair can prevent the sun's rays from reaching your body. If tanning indoors, body hair can prevent the UV rays from the tanning bed from doing their job. Body grooming removes this barrier and allows for a deeper tan. Moreover, it's easier to show off tanned skin when the surface is clean shaved. Areas that men want to pay the most attention to are their legs, chest, and stomach. It's easy for men to shave their legs with a high quality Gillette M3 Power razor, making sure to go against the grain. When shaving closer to the Speedo line, and also for chest and stomach, it makes the most sense to use an electric trimmer such as the Norelco Bodygroom or similar product to avoid irritation. Irritation bumps can quickly take away from the great clean shaven look. Want to learn more about shaving for men? Make sure to check out, a great new site all about shaving for men and women.

Visit The Tanning Salon

Historically, women have been the biggest patrons of tanning salons. There is absolutely no reason however for men to avoid the salon. More and more men are enjoying the benefits of tanning salons. In today's society, a dark tan is an athletic and healthy look. If you want to show off your muscles and get more attention, a deep tan will do the trick. Tanning salons are a friendly place to go and definitely do not be self conscious. Moreover, make sure to use tanning lotions, both outdoors and indoors. Most lotions are scented so men will want to inquire about which ones have a mild scent or no scent.

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