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How To Exercise And Tan At The Same Time

Tanning is a lifestyle and a very important part of the tanning lifestyle is exercising for a nice toned body. Nothing goes together better than a sexy toned body and a nice golden tan. Most people look at tanning and working out as separate activities. What if I said you can have the best of both worlds and tan while exercising? That's the topic of today's article: maximizing your time by getting really tan while working out.

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It's All About The Beach

Exercising and Tanning at the Beach
© – Maica
Tanning outdoors at the beach is a ton of fun. You get to enjoy the sound of the ocean, intense sunlight, and the company of your friends. The beach is also a super place to workout. Why not go for a walk or jog along the water's edge? This is one of the best ways to give your shoulders and feet a deep tan. If you're visiting the beach with your friends, why not enjoy a friendly game of beach volleyball? Or, you could just take a dip in the ocean. Swimming is one of the best ways to get exercise. Just remember that swimming will give your back a ton of sunlight so you will want to give your front sunlight once you get out and lay back down on your towel.

Tan While Swimming Laps

Swimming is one of the top ways to exercise. Swimming is low impact on your joints, burns a lot of calories, and tones your muscles. It's also a great way to get tan if you go swimming in a nice outdoor pool. To make sure you get an even tan, it's always great to incorporate both freestyle and also backstroke into your workout. You will get more sun on your back than front, so give your front a little extra sun when you get out of the pool. Another neat suggestion: If you are still in school, why not give the swim team a chance? Swimming is a tough sport but if your school has a recreational or beginner's swim team, this is a great chance to get really fit and really tan. How much fun!

Tan and Workout In Your Backyard

while also getting some good exercise. Why not do your crunches in the sunlight? How about yoga, stretching, or jumping jacks? Time spent multitasking your tanning and exercise is time well spent in your backyard.

Learn How To Surf

If you live near the ocean, why not consider some casual surfing? This could be a great way to meet new people, have a lot of fun, and maximize your tan. When you are in the ocean, you get extra tan because of the UV rays reflecting off the ocean's surface. Surfing is a great way to take advantage of this fact and get a deep tan. Also, surfing is a cool sport that will instantly give you something really neat to talk about.

Show Off Your Tan With The Right Workout Clothes

An important part of the tanning lifestyle is wearing the latest fashions to show off your tanned and toned body. Remember to look your best when working out. A lot of people tend to wear old tired clothes when working out. Don't let this be you. When working out, both outdoors in the sun and indoors at the gym, always wear trendy clothes to look your best. You will feel so great about yourself and this will enhance your workout experience. Remember, it's all about having fun. Make sure to have fun and incorporate the tanning workout into your day.

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